With over 38 years in the fashion industry, the environmental impacts fashion has on our planet are becoming increasingly recognized. From the energy consumption used during a garments production, to the transportation of the millions of clothes purchased each year, there is growing interest and relevance in sharing positive environmental progress. 

That’s why Gemini Woman are doing things a little differently this year and focusing on helping you create a timeless, considered wardrobe. As part of our ongoing commitment to inspire thoughtfulness, Gemini will be championing the brands that are doing incredible things to reduce our impact on our world. Whether that’s the use of FSC®-certified viscose by Masai or Mama B's ethical supply chain use, sharing our progress with you is a priority.  

Here are a few ways Gemini are already helping to inspire change:

  • Focusing on buying sustainable brands such as Masai, Thing, Henriette Steffensen, Orientique and Sahara
  • Implementing in-house recycling into our daily working routine
  • Regularly supporting local charities as part of our Charity Fashion Shows
  • Engaging with other local small businesses to collaborate and encourage shopping small

Gemini looks forward to sharing more with you as we continue to reassess our approaches, learn, and investigate as part of our continuous process towards positive change. Read our 'Sustainability at Gemini' Blog here for more information.