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How you can engage with #earthday every day with your shopping choices

As #earthday approaches for 2024, we are looking at ways to encourage people to shop more sustainably, whilst still showcasing self-expression and identity through fashion. We are a multi-brand retailer that supplies a number of ethical fashion brands paving the way for the future of sustainability, so we know a thing or two about making eco-conscious choices when it comes to buying new pieces!  

Slow fashion 

Although a potentially overused phrase, it truly is the future of fashion. Ensuring you have a fool-proof capsule wardrobe collection that you will still adore 2 years from now will help you refrain from engaging in short-term fast fashion trends and fads which contribute to waste fabrics that are often thrown away instead of being resold/repurposed. Instead, investing in pieces that are of a higher quality and have a more timeless look is key. From this, you can add additional pieces that are more fun and showcase your individuality.  

A great sustainable capsule brand of ours is Chalk. Crafted in inclusive sizing using fabrics such as organic cotton, their collection comprises timeless, everyday pieces that can be worn again and again.  

Other brands to mention are Henriette Steffensen, Mama B and Thing. All these brands utilise popular silhouettes and styles by reusing them and designing them in different colours/fabrics. Their collections consist of solid capsule pieces alongside some new styles and colours which can be slotted into your wardrobe. Quality is never compromised for style; it’s combined to create pieces you can keep for longer, reducing the amount of purchases you need to make. 

Selecting eco-friendly fabrics 

Our brands utilise natural and innovative yarns to provide a high-quality and sustainable finish. Whether it's the perfect summer linen, a cosy wool, BCI Cotton or FSC-Viscose, garments crafted consciously feel and look better, as well as having a lower impact on our planet!  

Did you know?

Natural fabrics like pure cotton & linen decompose quite quickly in comparison to man-made fabrics. Linen can decompose in just 2 weeks, and cotton is anywhere from a week to 5 months. Most of our spring/summer collections feature lots of beautiful linens to choose from and dress more sustainably this season!

Here is a complete breakdown of sustainable fabrics and the brands that use them! 

Recycled Polyester 

Recycled Viscose 

BCI Cotton 

Organic Cotton 


Natural Jute 

Natural rubber 

Sustainable Rayon 

  • Orientique - EcoVero™ 
  • Sahara - LENZING™ EcoVero™ & TENCEL™ Lyocell 

Wash items correctly 

A garment’s sustainable journey continues after you have purchased it. Looking after garments correctly can increase their longevity as well as reduce the amount of water and electricity used in a product’s lifetime to maintain it. For example, linen does not need to be washed with every wear, given that it is clean, you can simply hang it on your washing line to air out in between wears. As well as this, a lot of garments should not be tumble-dried and drying naturally is generally better for the product and the environment. 

Tips to clean clothes more sustainably: 

  • Wash items less; jeans, jackets, knitwear etc. Do not need to be washed with every wear 
  • Use a cold wash 
  • Use a natural, eco-friendly detergent 
  • Dry garments naturally 
  • Wash fuller loads  
  • Hand wash where you can 

Repurpose garments 

At Gemini Woman, we are all big fans of Vinted and re-selling platforms! Both in our personal lives and within the business, we like to resell our old garments, and we have also used Facebook Marketplace to sell unused hangers and equipment from the business. If you are no longer wearing an item, don’t throw it away! There is likely someone else who would love to purchase that exact item, for less. 

Connect with us on socials this week @geminiwomanuk to let us know what you are doing during #earthweek, and throughout the year, to help save the planet. 

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