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Everyday Eco-Friendly Swaps

Making the move to be a more conscious consumer can feel a little overwhelming. With so much to choose from, misleading labels, and the eco-anxiety that comes with it all, it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

Here are a few everyday eco-friendly swaps to help us all do our bit for the planet. Whilst time, money and accessibility all affect our ability to be more sustainable, I hope you’re able to find at least one easy swap that will work well in your everyday life. 

1. The Re-usable Bag: Did you know, in 2019 the number of single use plastic bags sold buy UK retailers was 1.11 billion. Using a re-usable bag is a really easy way of reducing that number even lower by the end of 2022! They not only help to conserve resources but also decrease the amount of plastic pollution entering our environment. Putting a re-usable bag into your handbag might feel a bit inconvenient at first, but it’s an eco-friendly swap that will very quickly become second nature if you stick with it long enough. You can either invest a bit more in a cotton foldable bag, or choose a ‘bag for life’ next time you’re doing your weekly shop. Just don’t forget to bring it with you next time you go!

2. A Reusable Coffee Cup: Another reusable swap that might seem a little trickier to implement into your daily routine, but one that comes with a whole lot of benefits. Not only does it help to reduce plastic (similarly to our re-usable plastic bag), but also encourages larger coffee companies to make the switch themselves to more environmentally friendly alternatives. If everyone swapped to a reusable coffee cup, they would soon get the message that something needed to change! 

Keep Cup offer a range of double insulted coffee cups that will not only keep your coffee hot for longer, but also look incredibly stylish with any outfit. 

3. Bar Based Shampoo and Body Lotion: An easy little swap for your bathroom is to switch your usual plastic shampoo bottles for a bar version instead. With a whole range of products available for all hair types and concerns, there’s an option for everyone still looking to look after their gorgeous locks. My personal favourite is the Earth Kind Citrus Leaf Shampoo Bar!

4. Switching Your Period Products: For those that menstruate, swapping your disposable sanitary products for a more eco-friendly alternative is another easy sustainable swap for those that are able to. There’s now thankfully, a lot more choice available to consumers meaning you shouldn’t have to look too far to find one that works for you and your body. The most common alternatives include, organic cotton tampons, cardboard tampon applicators, a sanitary cup or reusable period pants. 

5. Buying E-books: Whilst there’s no better smell than a brand new book, buying an e-book is our final eco-friendly swap to help you become a more conscious consumer. It’s worth remembering though that e-readers need to read at least 23 books before they start to become more environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts! If you’re an avid reader this might just be the perfect sustainable move, not only to free up some shelf space, but to also help cut down on your carbon footprint too.