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Mama B

Mama B is one of our most-loved brands that we stock here at Gemini Woman. This is for many reasons, including the fact that Mama B have such an ethical and sustainable approach to making their garments, and not just the fact that they design gorgeous, inspirational pieces! Mama B was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team, Sara and Ezio in Northern Italy at the base of the Italian Alps. Sara started to design her very own boutique in Italy and the rest is history.

Since growing from their boutique in Italy (which is still very much up and running!), Mama B have taken care to ensure their brand is as sustainable as possible. It has been an important passion to Sara and Ezio from the start that all their product is made in Italy. This meaning that labour to fabric making is all done in Mama B' home country, Italy. Sara also has a love for earthy Italian colours & tones & the use of natural yarns which you can truly see in every single one of their collections.

The materials that Mama B use to create their products include Eco-Fabrics including Hemp and Organic Cotton, as well as Eco-Tec fabrics. Eco-Tec Fabrics transform waste & production from the textile industry into new beautiful yarns. This results in 56% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses, 55.6% in energy saving, and 77.9% of water consumption in the whole production. Even to the smaller details such as their labels being made from 80% recycled fibre that is completely biodegradable and recyclable, Mama B are always looking for ways they can continue being as conscious as possible when it comes to sustainability.

When designing collections, Sara focuses on creating pieces for today’s practical woman, dynamic & urban. Simple essentials with of course a close attention to the materials used to ensure that will last a lifetime and be apart of your wardrobe no matter the season. You will often see signature pieces from Mama B come up again and again in their collections, with a new, versatile tone or texture, which is yet another reason to love the unique approach to fashion Mama B has. They Focus on natural fabrics, easy effortless shapes & edgy innovative designs, conscious, slow fashion at it's best!

All of Mama B garments are:

- Acid free
- Elemental Chlorine Free Guaranteed
- Selected Secondary Fibres
- Heavy Metal Absence